The new commander his name is Larry, he is new to the area and has no knowledge of the needs of this post, he should be removed from his command, this post sat empty for years when a new bar manager took over his name is john he brought this post to life, he has events booked months in advance, but because of his freindship with some local bikers, some of whom are members and none ever caused any problems at post as a matter of fact they have donated money, tv's, appliances and much more to this post. anyhow larry walked in and fired john today, no reseon giving..this post will be a ghost town again. Larry is in the cheif of polices pocket and does not have legions best intrest in mind.

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Mountain Iron, Minnesota, United States #960833

the american legion post 220 in mt. iron minnesota has problems with a bartender who is the commanders daughter.more than one member has brought up the issue of her recorded work hours not being correct.the last member to mention this was yelled at and the commander got his finger in the members face and kept asking the member what right he has to talk about this?

i think it is called freedom of speech. commander dom eliof has been unprofessional and acting bizzare about this matter.

something is trying to be swept under the rug. this is digusting for an american legion.

to american legion member who wil #1306079

she has been caught again with extra hours on her time card and the commander, dom elioff, is trying to blame other people again. it is time for somebody to call law enforcement!

to Anonymous #1306080

not one bit surprised!

South Lake Tahoe, California, United States #873720

Wish I knew what was going on.We were there when John got fired. The most un-proffessional thing I have witnessed.

Since the city is involved it makes you wonder what really is going on. As for this new commander... I don't think he's a commander at all. He wouldn't give a name, rank or any service information at all.

Definitely not the behavior of any true vet. I think he's more of an Am Wet.

to Plant Leaker #990792

the commander thinks he can rule this club with intimidation. this matter has been brought up and ignored more than once.

the same bartender had to be told to *** the hours she had written down for Christmas and Christmas eve because the legion post 220 was closed on those days!!!!

to Anonymous #1089962

friends and I were up for the holidays macs bar was packed so we went to the legion. we would leave our money on the bar when went outside to smoke.

by the time we left we all thought we had money missing. the bartender, jean, said she knew or saw nothing. we talked to locals down at macs. turns out she has a reputation for her "sticky fingers"!

after hearing this from more than one local we are really starting to wonder.

then we got on this website and read incidents about the same bartender! if you go to this legion and jean is working watch your money!!!

to Anonymous Virginia, Minnesota, United States #1231838

was this bartenders name jean by chance?

to Anonymous #1306084

dominic elioff is as crooked as they get. this person has no morals and lying means nothing to him!!!!

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