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This is to inform one and all of a situation at the American Legion Post 470 at ADDRESS in Fishers Indiana. I am attempting to contact the officers of the American Legion Post 470 and, if you are not one of the officers, you share the last name of one of the officers.

I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran. I served with honor as a Combat Medic during the Vietnam War, but now I am a professionally trained and experienced bartender. After applying for a bartender position at the American Post 470 in Fishers, IN, I discovered that the American Legion discriminates in their hiring practices based on gender but, even more outrageous, they discriminate against Disabled Veterans as well. I discovered that the American Legion Post 470 hired two FEMALE bartenders which were much less qualified than I was and neither were Disabled Veterans. This statement is NOT just my belief, Post 470�s Commander, Mike Beaumont, told me himself that the two bartenders they hired were less qualified than I was. Further, once I had informed the American Legion of Indiana Headquarters, they not only did not seem a bit concerned of this, but they even told me to �grin and bear it� and that they could discriminate when ever they so desired. One individual with the Legion Headquarters told me that discrimination was a way of life and I should not be complaining about it. Another told me that the Legion Headquarters did not get involved in Post affairs and that it was none of their concern if I was discriminated against, even if the discrimination was due to my status as a Disabled Vietnam Veteran. And, finally, one other individual with the State Legion Headquarters stated I should not hold the entire American Legion accountable for this one incident of discrimination. Let�s examine that statement for a minute: not a single person at any post, State headquarters, or National Headquarters bothered to do anything about the discrimination, not even bothering to discover if discrimination took place. Remember, not a single person, of the over 800 people I contacted, ever denied that discrimination against me as a Disabled Veteran took place, they simply berated me for complaining about it. So, doesn�t that indicate that the ENTIRE American Legion participated in the discrimination and, therefore, should not the entire American Legion be held accountable.

Now here is the kicker. Most bars, nightclubs, and restaurants discriminate, usually based on gender, in their hiring practices. But the American Legion states The American Legion supports Veteran issues, but then discriminates against Veterans and Disabled Veterans in their hiring practices. The same people that claim they support Veterans, but then discriminates against them in their hiring practices at their Legion Posts. Note: not one person, from the FEAMALE bar manager, to the Post Commander, to the highest levels of the Indiana American Legion and the National Headquarters of the American Legion ever denied the discrimination, they just said that they are ALLOWED to discriminate against whom ever and when ever they so desire. Go to any American Legion Post you choose and you�ll most likely see a female standing behind the bar in over 90% of the cases. If you check into the matter, you�ll also find that less than one percent of the bartenders are Veterans and even fewer are Disabled Veterans. And even another kicker, the State of Indiana allows discrimination if you are a non-profit organization or if you employ less than 6 people. In other words, the State of Indiana grants licenses to places to discriminate, if you are a non-profit organization or employ less than 6 people. So, if you are a non-profit organization, like the American Legion, or if your business employs less than 6 people, then you can discriminate on any basis you so desire. If you don�t want African Americans working for you, then you can refuse to hire them based on their race, according to the State of Indiana. You are granted a license, in fact, to deny employment based on any factor you so desire, be it based on race, sex, disability, age (for that matter Indiana doesn�t list age as a protected class), or national origin. I have to wonder how many of our elected representatives own business that employ less than 6 people and have made the law this way so they can discriminate.

I have brought this matter the the attention of over 300 Officers within the American Legion and, to date, not a single one has bothered to even investigate this matter. Instead, the responses I have received have only served to berate and belittle me. Just think, other Veterans have chosen to abandon a fellow Veteran and, which is even more distasteful, continued to support an organization that allow, condones, and even encourage discrimination against Disabled Veterans within their own ranks.

The American Legion collects millions of dollars every year on the idea that they support Veterans and Veteran Affairs, while all the time allowing discrimination against Disabled Veterans within their own ranks. To me they are guilty of receiving donations under false pretenses.

Do you really want to support an organization that discriminates against Disabled Veterans.

Here is the address of the American Legion Dept. of Indiana

The (Anti-)American Legion Dept. of Indiana

Commander Robert Newman

c/o American Legion Dept of Indiana

777 N Meridian St.

Indianapolis, IN 46204


Phil Gray

The Margarita King

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I understang the federal and veteran employers discriminate againt the one they are suppose to help. The VA on the west coast hired an intern over an experienced intern. Can you believe that?


The organizatin does great work for veterans and I have to ask are you not a member of that post?

They have to function by their bylaws and constitution. Are you at the meetings every month?

Do you vote? How about getting some of your friends to join and sway the vote the right way. You know that the only people voting are the ones who show up and well if it's only the people sitting at the bar, then that's your issues origin right there. As for the money, well it's basically public information.

the AL can prove it's income and expedatures. They file taxes every year and have a guide they must follow. But an idividual post can be a loose cannon. FYI....Any non profit organization must make financial info available to it's members.

You raise money on their behalve in good faith so they are required to have open books. Check out the laws because there are some privacy issues you bump into.


Funny I too had the same senario. My husband and son both disabled veterans and out of work at their were not given jobs.

One never posted and offered while even other members were out of work. My husband applied for another and was denied. I think the chick they hired had more to offer and no I am not talking abut bartending expiriance.

Funny they raise money to keep the bar open but don't spend any on making their facility handicapped acceptable. One FYI is that if you have a paid position and a liquor license, chances are if you check your laws, it's illegal to work for free.

That might be a good idea though, to go to the liqur commision in your state.



First of all, if it is slander (actually liable since it is written), why hasn't the American Legion filed legal action in civil corut? Perhaps because they know that the truth is a perfect defence for slander or liable?

Second, why hasn't the American Legion shown proof my allegations are wrong? Heck they havn't even bothered to deny my allegations, let alone show any proof. You are correct in one aspect, "Just appears to be no logic behind the claim(s)", but none the less they are true. I have even challaged everyone I can contact at the AL stating that if they can show me proof mny allegations are wrong, I not only shut up but appologize to everyone I have contacted.

So far, not one person has taken me up on my challange.

Both the Indiana and National Commanders will even respond to any of my messages or phone calls. Sounds like guilty people to me.


Did you ever consider the fact that the organization that you are slandering is made up of veterans? Disabled or not? Just appears to be no logic behind the claim(s).


American Legions do discriminate and do not know how to run a business. they pay the female bartenders shift pay and don't pay the male bartender.

He even asked for pay and the said no. They are all well loved by the clients. The commanders are constantly changing so the post is a mess. most of the bartenders (female) are alcholics as well.

They give drinks away and drink themselves.

They make shift pay, can drink and also boose up their friends on the vets money. Go figure.


You will find very few Vet orgs, with disabled Veterans working there in a paid position as Bar Mgr, Bartender, etc.

You will normally find well endowed females working there. Posts will travel 50 miles to hold bingo at a VAMC, while homeless veterans sllep in their neighborhood, some are post members?


I am positive there are two sides to this story. Legions should practice hiring "active members" of their post.

Ones that are familiar faces in the club AND active in their organization (Legion, Aux, SAL). NO one should be hired from the outside.

Period. With no disrespect to your veteran and disabled status I am sure there are reasons why you were not hired.


The American legion does wonderful work in the community and with service related issues.


Cool Story Bro:

First, you seem to be under the impression that there was a choice between one good bartender or two less qualified ones. Wrong. They intended to hire 2 bartenders from the start. In addition, since it was a AL Post they could hire me for tips only, and I stated I would work for tips only. Why? Simple, other places I had worked I earned more than twice my hourly rate in tips. I do this because of my customer service skills and my comittment to making quality drinks. Further, in the first 15 days I increased sales by 20% and up to 40% by the end of 30 days. Post 470 were aware of both of these facts. Therefore, they knew they could get a highly qualifed, experienced bartender without heeding to pay them an houly wage. Every place I have worked I have averaged 100 dollars per shift in tips. Bartenders typically make betwee $4.50 and $5.00 an hour. That would mean, in an average 8 hour shift I'd make $36.00 to $40.00 in hourly wage, but $100.00+ in tips. Why would I need an hourly wage when I can make double plus in tips.

Your fist statement is understandable, however your second does make you an a**. It appears that you solution to discrimination is to find another type of job, how idiotic. If that were the case there'd be no women auto designers, blacks would still be in menial labor jobs, and Mexicans would only be able to find work as migrant workers. If your answer to discrimation is to find another line of work, then why do we even have Civil Rights Laws? Finally, the American Legion is suppose to care about Veterans, so wouldn't it be more inline with their stated purpose to hire a Vet instead, even if the Vet were slightly less qualifed than a non-Vet applicant. So, why would the AL, an organization the collects millions of dollars on the claim they support Veterans. not hire the Veteran first, even if it meant a few less dollars. Remember, they are a non-profit organization and, therefore, shoudn't base their hiring decision based soley on profits, profits they are not sppose to be making anyway.


This is going to sound like I'm a ***, but if I could hire two slightly less qualified workers for the same position as one ultra qualified bartender I would. Thats the American way.

I'm thankful that you served our country, but you may just be a liability to the post.

Go for support not work. If you dont like what happened you probably should've made a different career choice.


i was working coo hours to pay off some court fines and after working 81 hrs(about 700$in fines)the rep from the legion told my officer working my case that it wasnt there signatures!not only did i not get the fines removed but they almost got me in trouble with the law over it..i wont support them ever again


Dan B. was the one who dashed off to impeach Clinton when we were about ready to have hearings and pass comprehensive reforms in Federal Workers comp.

I discussed your case with others. Question: is this only your local board or is it part of a regional or nationwide policy? You don't have to answer me personally, it may not be just local! With some experience around EEOC, these seem to be the kind of discovery issues.

One person doing this or just following a larger policy that shouldn't be.

I read today that Facebook comments may be going onto Google and Bing soon in search engines and will help get persons like us to get our stories out. Linda Joy Adams


I have just spoken with Congressman Dan Burton’s office who, once again, acted like a consummate politician and, in effect, stated he did not care if Disabled Veterans suffer from discrimination. Both Senator Richard Lugar and Congressman Dan Burton stated that they don’t care if the American Legion discriminates against Disabled Veterans.

According to both of these supposed leaders that claim they care about Veterans and Civil Rights are willing to do anything, except sit on their fat ***, to correct this situation. Tresa Baker of Congressman Dan Burton’s office informed me that the American Legion is allowed to discriminate, even against Disabled Veterans, if they so choose.

How much do you want to bet that Congressman Burton is a member of the American Legion? When you go to the polls to vote, just remember that neither Congressman Dan Burton nor Senator Richard Lugar support, condone, and encourage discrimination against Disabled Veterans and support, condone, and encourage the sexual exploitation of women by the American Legion.


You situation should seem incrible, but its become very commonplace for the erosion of all individual human rights in this country. My personal story is not the exact situation but in the same erosion of rights.

Veterans used to always have preference, and even used to get a little extra credit for service since they gave up time to have a longer resume while in service. I'll ask my husband but I think a local one did the same thing and it ended in tragedy recently with her murdered in the parking lot from a dispute of some kind that may never be known if there's a plea bargain.

Most of the members possibly never bother to know who gets hired or who. Maybe its time for everyone who belongs to any kind of group to start looking into exactly what is going with a group they are identified as belonging to.Linda Joy Adams prayers for you in your struggles


John Smith:

First, let me thank you for not badering, insulting, or belittling me as so many (generally AL members) have done.

I would like to point out, however, that I was not only fully qualified for the postion, but more qualified than the individuals they hired (according to the Post Commander Mike Beaumont). So, it wasn't what I could do but the fact that I didn't have *** and a nice butt. It was also their claim that neither were Veterans. I have never stated that I should have been hired simply because I was a Vet, but I didn't expect to be denied because of it either. I cannot say for a certainly that my status as a Vet contributed to my being denied, however, since they hired two less qualified individuals, neither Vets, and (depending on who you listen to) both females. You'd think that a place like AL would hire the Vet first (assuming the Vet is qualifed for the position), especially since they claim they support Vets and they claim their goal is "Veterans Helping Veterans" (I just didn't know they were helping Veterans into bankruptcy court).


Many Posts are run by X officers, the same officers brainwashed into liberal political thinking by the Colleges they attended.

They served but couldnt tell you what an Un-lawful order was, and even fewer knew the US Constitution.

As far as the bartender issue, I can only say that there is a difference between discrimination and special selection.

Its a Thin line, not always to everyones liking, but its there. Not defending them, but I also dont know what their bylaws dictate. Its quite possible that hiring a vet over a civilian may not be a "requirement". If thats the case, then they can hire anyone they like regardless.

Unless i missed something, which I apoligize. I am a 20yr VET myself, and one thing I know is that it matters not what I did, only what I can do.


usmcdeathcard, sound like you are one of those womnaizers that enjoy sexually harassing women at work. How about your mother or sister, would you allow me to sexually harass them.

As far as my disability goes, you show your stupidity by opening your mouth and spouting things you know nothing about.

You are aware, Mr. ***, that discrimination is illegal (and so is sexual harassmet). Bartending is a profession, not for perverts like you to use for your own sexual satisfaction. You must be one of the Biggest Losers. Tell me, is the only way you can get your rocks off is to go to the local bar and harass the bartender.

People like you make me sick, to think that I breath the same air as a *** like you makes me want to hold my breath. Do you molest children as well? I'll bet you do, since you obviously cannot have a satisfying relationship with a real woman. I'll bet you frequent Prostitutes as well, like the good little *** you appearantly are. It also appears that you are a coward, since you have chosen to hide our identity. I have made no secret of who I am, but cowards like you hide in the dark (too afraid for their actions to be seen in the light of day). Maybe if you'd spent even one day in uniform protecting this great country or ours, instead of cowering in some corner while you ***, then you just might be able to grow a set of balls, but I doubt it!


if your "disabled" what the *** you want a job standing on your feet all day or night.??

I think your a whiner, get a life. Bartending is for young good looking chicks, no one needs your ugly mug staring back whining about how you are discriminated against. sheesh..your dog probably run off...


Update on the discrimination link below:

Today I called Indiana Commander Leland Baxter who refused to take my call and refused to call me back. Since he has also failed to respond to any of my messages I can only conclude that Commander Baxter also condones, supports, and encourages discrimination against Disabled Vete...rans and condones, supports, and enourages the sexual expolitation of women. This is the type of organization the American Legion of Indiana must be since its' leader is a coward, a liar (since he and his organization claim to support Veterns and don't), and sexually expolits women. Is this the kind of organization you want with the word American in its' name? Is this the kind of organization we want representing our nation? I for one wouldn't want our country to be known as a people that doesn't honor Civil Rights and treats decent women as prostitutes.

A greatful and loyal Vet.

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